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Recommended Pet Services for Your New Pet:

First 12 Months:

Wellness Exam (Initial Appointment, Ongoing):

  • Kitten Vaccinations (Week 8, Week 12, Week 16)

  • Cat Vaccinations (Every 1-3 Years)

  • Cat Deworming (Week 2 up to 6 months)

  • Cat Spaying & Neutering ( 5 months old+) 

Year- Round:

  • Flea Control (once a month)

  • Tick Control (once a month)


  • Cat Microchipping (one time)

Health Insurance:
It is advisable to consider investing in your cat's well-being right from the beginning. In addition to routine care, we suggest exploring health insurance options such as Trupanion or Petsecure. Regular contributions will help you be prepared for unforeseen emergencies without added stress.

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